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Become part of a trading community of Stock, Crypto and Forex traders trading by the same set of rules.

The core trading strategy will help you locate high probability trading opportunities where professional traders such as banks, institutions and hedge funds around the world are looking to plan their trades or scale in their positions. No information has been held back, all our knowledge is shared in the core rules of the trading strategy. Trade ideas are discussed in the online community real-time as they happen. No hindsight trading.

The trading strategy can be used to trade any market. Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and Forex can be traded. The supply and demand trading methodoloty also covers various aspects of professional trading, including money management, how to change your mindset, trading psychology & how to develop a trading plan (a trend trading plan is also included). But don't expect miracles, it will take you months to learn the basics and put them into practice successfully. There are no shortcuts.

Topics covered in the online Trading Community

See some of the topics included in the core strategy by clicking and unfolding on the blocks below.
1. LEARN HOW TO TRADE SUPPLY AND DEMAND IMBALANCES. A strict methodical rule based strategy to trade like professional traders do.
  • What is supply and demand and why supply and demand moves the markets
  • No more lagging and colourful indicators. Indicators are not needed, supply and demand has all the information that we need to make our trading decisions.
  • Types of supply and demand imbalances.
  • Rule based strategy to trade with the institutional supply and demand imbalances.
  • What causes a bank to enter the market and why a reversal takes place.
  • Why big investors can’t make trading decisions whenever they want and must wait until certain conditions are met before taking an action in the market.
  • Why it’s key for banks and big investors to split their markets trade up into smaller sizes when they are entering the market.
  • Why banks need an increasing amount of retail traders (small traders) to come into the market once they placed an order.
  • What are the most common candlestick patterns you will see at the origin of an imbalance.
  • How to spot and what kind of base structure we want to see before an imbalance is created after price departs from the base.
  • When and how is a new supply and demand imbalance created.
  • How to validate and how to score a potential tradable supply and demand imbalances.
  • What kind of confluences we must look for in order to enhance and score a level with higher accuracy and probability.
  • How to locate where the big investors are beginning to take profits off their trades by understanding price action and the range.
  • How to define a trend using imbalances. How to define uptrend, downtrend and consolidation stages.
  • How to draw trendlines and how to use them to assess the trend using them together with supply and demand imbalances.
  • Learn about the Range, when it’s too high to buy or too low to sell.
  • High probability trading with momentum or location trade setups correctly located in the Range.
  • When it’s too low to buy and too high to sell. Learn a set of strict rules that will prevent you from taking trades when price is too high or too low in the bigger picture Range.
  • The importance of multiple timeframe analysis (MTF), how to pinpoint the exact entry point with laser beam accuracy.
  • How and why to choose your timeframe combinations, those to be used in your trading sequence.
  • How multiple timeframes are related to each other and how to align with the bigger picture trend.
  • How and when to use a sequence of timeframes to decide the highest odds trend direction.
  • How to plan a trade using a strict rules set methodology.
  • How to locate turning points where the banks have placed their trades, how to plan your trade at the same location.
  • When to take a trade and when not to trade. Doing nothing is the most important trading decision.
  • Learn the different types of confirmation trades there are.
  • When to trade counter-trend and how to use lower timeframe sequences to drill your entry down.
  • Most common high odds scenarios supply and demand trade setups.
  • What to do before, during and after important news events.
  • Supply and demand applied to Indexes, Stocks and Commodities.
  • How to scan Forex and Stocks looking for new setups.
  • The psychology of trading, finding your why.
  • How to build your trading plan. You will have access to a trading plan to trade with the trend, all rules and scenarios possible, exit tactics, risk reward, drawdown, daily routine, etc.
  • Trade management and exit tactics.
  • The importance of back testing the rules.
  • Price action. No indicators

    ‘KISSS’ Method – Keep It Super Simple Stupid

    No indicators, no volume. no news or earnings announcements need to taken into consideration. It took me years to figure out how to locate imbalances on a price chart, but once I learned how to use supply and demand as a filter, my trading dramatically improved and I have never looked back. The core trading strategy together with the daily support of the community will give you a concrete set of rules, a real plan of action which will help you develop the right mindset to trade like a serious professional trader. Your thinking will be completely transformed.

    The supply and demand trading strategy uses logic and common sense without the use of lagging indicators.You will not need to wait for any price signals on the charts to be present before entering a trade, these rules will help you set and forget your trade no matter what happens in the markets. The core strategy has withstood Brexit and COVID-19 scenarios with flying colours.

    Weekly Video Analysis

    A detailed supply and demand video analysis is posted every week analyzing potential trade ideas for the next week before they actually happen. The analysis is made of more than 60 assets including Stocks, Indexes, Cryptocurrencies and Forex. You get my expert analysis on relevant supply and demand trade scenarios, key chart imbalances and trend bias. Many of my students have emailed me telling me they feel the members’ weekly video analysis alone is worth the price of membership.

    Have you been searching for the right way to profit from the markets but haven’t found it yet?

    Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins using the forces the move the markets. You can trade like a profesional trader if yow know why the markets move the way they do.

    Trading education testimonials

    Members show their opinions about our Set and Forget strategy
    • Prakash

      A big thank you to Mr. Alfonso M, for starting this forum, and generously sharing his methods of trading. You have given something very very valuable to this community. Appreciate !!!

      It has been a great opportunity to learn. Honestly without this , I would not have continued my trading.

      It certainly has helped me understand, the high odds of taking a trade, and I see hope for my trading career in future, due to this forum.

      A word of appreciation for senior members of this forum too. They are great support and inspiration.

      Best Regards,


      Set and Forget Community
    •  Kaulu

      A worldwide community of traders with a great mentor/teacher and traders who are always ready and willing to help clear out doubts that many of us have. Although not so active in the community, I have learned a lot and I'm still in my testing stages. The strategy speaks for itself and If you do the homework(testing) you will understand and believe in it and yourself. I was lost in the world of indicators and blind trading, lost money and now I'm on the journey to disciplined and profitable trading with the help of you all. This is very visible in the testing I am doing. For me it has been no regrets! I would like to say a huge THANK YOU! to our captain Alfonso and to all of you the members of this lovely community.


      Set and Forget Community
    • Mo

      My English is not that good to express my self about alfonso and the community (nametaker , ardenode , fortunateson , gr8guy , neelam_sharma and a lot more people which if I want to right their names so it will be very big list.

      the main thanks is to Alfonso for his effort to build the community and be responsible always to the members with quick response , he is not just great teacher and trader but great great human being , when I was broken and lost , he helped me a lot and let me come back to life. the community is getting bigger and bigger , so there should be reasons which great teacher Alfonso and professional trades to help each other. Mo
      Set and Forget Community
    • Peter

      I have been studying books, whitepapers and testing for several years.....Meanwhile I was successful, too, statistically in very positive trend. But I have never new where price is, where it is heading, what is general opinion......rather confused all the time. So scalping and hedging was only solution......scary walking on a wild side.....till now

      Alfonso teaches and shows where to look for confirmation, when to be wisely predictive and how to manage positions. Having a clue of certain moment imporatnce in time is something that wise men know, others not....that is Alfonso's teaching consequence in trading. After meeting some other guys from community last month together with Alfonso, I am not surprised any more.....positive attitude is present in their minds most of the time - it is contagious Really amazed how I am steadily growing in understanding certain area lately.... Thanks again Peter
      Set and Forget Community
    • Joe

      Mere words cannot express my deepest appreciation for Alfonso and the community he has created. In my opinion, I consider Alfonso a genius and a visionary, and a truly humble man who puts the community before himself. His dedication and commitment are unsurpassed as is the wealth of information he has developed. He has a proven methodology and rule set that has been taught and is being replicated and executed by many successful traders. In addition, the community offers its contributions and knowledge along the journey of learning the supply and demand trade.

      Again, I want to thank you, Alfonso, and the entire community, for your encouragement in trading and in life and for keeping me on the path.


      Set and Forget Community
    • Steve

      I would like to thank Alfonso for providing a well run Positive community Before i joined set & Forget i knew supply and demand was the way to go but there was no way for me to define it , i found trading so frustrating and my trading was Emotional driven, i was basically in the dark. The set and Forget methodology provided a definite structure and ruleset. Alfonso has taken the time to define the rules and Nunces and they work , to listen and watch him trade in the Webinars , he is the "perfect storm" . I honestly dont know where this man finds the time to answer peoples queries and address their doubts while trading and running the community but he always does. He is fair and Honest and i consider myself lucky to be a part of the community. But as we say there is no Luck in trading only hard work.

      I would also mention there are some senior members that are also great traders and give freely of their time to help others. Thanks to Alfonso and to the other senior members for the help and Encouragement they have given me over the last year, it has been a pleasure to be a member.

      Cheers Steve

      Set and Forget Community
    • Luciano

      I'm grateful to Alfonso for his continued support in my journey to continuously improve my trading. He is a great man, someone who believes in offering value to the world and someone who genuinely wants others to succeed. The methodology laid out in the Set and Forget community based around supply and demand trading is a fantastic way to interpret the markets and provides a high probability trading edge. It is by far superior to anything else I have encountered in my quest to find an edge in the markets. The process for learning this methodology is also well set out, structured and geared towards developing someone's trading skills over a long period as opposed to providing a "quick fix" or promises to "get rich quick".

      The community is thriving and continues to grow. Numerous other members offer great support to others who are learning. The example set by Alfonso is followed by others and we truly have a trading community.

      Thank you Alfonso


      Set and Forget Community
    • Hugh

      Thanks Alfonso. You are a gentleman of great integrity. You have a very deep understanding of the Supply and Demand methodology and a phenomenal ability to explain clearly the rule set and the different setups. It's a pleasure to be a part of this community - its welcoming and has a strong sense of camaraderie. You are consistent in your mantra: 'Don't believe what I say, don't believe what I do - test it for yourselves'. This is key: else we never get to build the belief in our ability to execute and manage our edge.

      To any non member that may read this: Alfonso is a class act. But, he cannot do the work for you. You must persevere and learn through your mistakes for a considerable period of time. You must stay on the bus and do not give into the temptation to 'switch' to another strategy or try to merge strategies. Give it time and absolute focus and build the belief and trust in yourself and in your strategy. Alfonso will stay with you every step of the way, but you must do the work. Its there for you. How much do you want it?

      Cheers, Hugh

      Set and Forget Community
    • Steve

      I loved this community from the beginning I could tell. If I cannot become profitable here, then I will most likely will never be. Alfonso has installed a great work ethic to my trading I practice on Forex tester 2 every day for hours.Read watch the videos over and over again you guys are like my heroes because I see how far you have come especially nick. My wish is to become more involved, but I'm not confident .I struggle with explaining trades in a clear way I'm the voyeur of the forum. I read every post every day and feel I know you all.To trade like Alfonso would be like a dream come true a master of his trade .I have before me the best teacher the best forum and a great bunch of guys. With patience, practice, and some fortune that I can put it all together. I look forward to the day when I'm helping others as you all do. a big thanks to every one on here!! keep it up. You are changing my life bit by bit,I see it happening which is so amazing. Happy? never been happier.

      All the best Steve

      Set and Forget Community
    • Rawda

      I consider my self a lucky person ...it took me more than 3 years to find some one expert , knowledgeable , he knows what is teaching ; supports the material that he is providing with all kinds and means; when ever he sees it is necessary ....so much to talk about that .....on the other hand our best friend Alfonso will never ignore any of us;his intentions are sincere and i trust him ....so many other individuals assumes they are experts in this field ; to me at least the ones i met or came across their promotional teaching videos...they can never be compared to alfonso ; despite of that they helped just very little ; but the did not build any conference in my self about their materials as alfonso did; with alfonso i learned so much and i believe and a follower of his best supply and demand strategy and i am great full for that ....i hope he continues what he is doing for us.....and starting with my self and i am asking all senior and expert members to support each others more and more specially new members like me and all other new once too and i must say i am proud to know them and all the work and support they give.... i am saying this because we want to keep this community alive and continues the purpose of its existence .....thank you very much alfonso and all of you members

      Cheers Rawda

      Set and Forget Community
    • I am forever grateful to Alfonso for what he has done for me and my trading over the years. I have been part of this community since the beginning and admire greatly how it has grown leaps and bounds to what it is today. This community is full of experienced traders, all who have a special interest in becoming better, profitable and more consistent traders. To trade along side them only makes me sharpen my own blades. Pressure creates diamonds!

      I appreciate everyone of you, especially the Fonz

      Cheers, Nick

      Set and Forget Community
    • Ivan

      Grateful to Alfonso for giving the opportunity to participate in this community, with so many like-minded people working hard actively for their dreams.

      I must say this is the best investment I've done so far for my own trading career. The lessons here are very well organised & structured in a way that it makes learning how to trade much more efficient. Not to mention the enormous number of videos to watch & learn at our own pace, and the highly supportive forum to get any doubts cleared.

      Just like many persistent traders out there, I've been trading financial products with all sorts of strategies for over 10 years. Had some earlier success position trading in stocks using fundamental & technical analysis. But doing this as a full-time career trading shorter time frame required much different skills & strategies to succeed. Something I came to realize only in the last few years. Fortunately, I stumbled across Alfonso's free thread in Forex Factory while searching for ways to improve my understanding of Supply & Demand. Upon reading the first monster post there, I was amazed at how methodical Alfonso teaches S&D. Now having joined set-and-forget for more than 3 months, and having access to all the learning materials here, I've noticed a big improvement in my trading result & consistency. Though more effort is still needed to achieve what I want, I'm progressing well at a rate I've never experience before. Really looking forward to how much more I can progress as a trader.

      Thank you Alfonso & everyone for making this possible, Ivan

      Set and Forget Community
    • Jamshid

      I have been trading supply and demand part-time for a few years now. it was just a hobby for me, but i always had one issue, how can i take trades after a certain type of verification? something that gives me an indication that my levels are correct. candlestick patterns are good and everything but you have to be monitoring price action to catch it and when you're trying to trade 30 instruments at the same time, that becomes impossible. So in my search i came across Mr. Alfonso.

      You need to understand something Mr./Mrs. Reader, if you want to be a technical trader, you MUST understand supply and demand. it is CRUCIAL and Alfonso has a very methodical system. He has given me the missing pieces of my puzzle and HOPEFULLY if all goes as planned, i hope to make trading my full-time job in the coming months.

      please don't misunderstand, trading is NOT easy and you will NOT get it over night. it takes a lot of patience and practice, but once you cross that threshold of understanding, your life will become much easier. So thank you Alfonso, i hope to meet you at one of your future events and thank you in person.


      Set and Forget Community
    • Nathanael

      Thank you for this opportunity Alfonso.

      To all fellow traders and future community members, This community, and Alfonso in particular, has been for me not only a place to learn Supply and Demand, but to grow as a human being. Weekly and sometimes daily Alfonso reminds us of the important things in life. He not only gives us the rules to trade with, but shows us monthly that it is possible and profitable. Giving me a hope to hold onto and reach for, for my financial freedom. He also reminds us that trading is boring, and should be, we need to get out and have our fun and live our lifes - unzipped, in RAW, uncompressed, to the fullest, everyday. (more…)

      Set and Forget Community
    • Mark

      I found Set and Forget after searching the internet for some training on Supply and Demand. I have been trading for several years now, and could not grasp the concept of Support and Resistance, why were prices touching a certain level then reversing, or sometimes blasting right through?? (more…)

      Set and Forget Community