Dollar Index DXY forecast analysis August 2020

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As expected and mentioned in previous Dollar Index DXY analysis, we had a strong monthly supply imbalance that took control and a big sell-off was expected. That’s exactly what has happened on Dollar Index DXY. A very similar technical analysis has been done for EURUSD Forex technical analysis and forecast a few more weeks back, a very strong monthly imbalance gained control on EURUSD last March 2020 around 1.0654 and it has not stopped rallying ever since.

The same type of technical supply and demand analysis can be done for Dollar Index DXY. This sell-off is affecting many US dollar Forex cross pairs since most US dollar currency pairs are highly correlated to the American Dollar. A new strong weekly supply imbalance has been created slightly higher. See DXY weekly timeframe analysis below

Dollar Index DXY technical analysis and forecast 2020

As supply and demand traders we must pay attention to strong imbalances like the one we can see on Dollar Index DXY. Trading against them is never a good idea, it would be like accelerating your car when you are driving towards a heavy traffic jam.

Dollar Index DXY forecast 2020

Watch Dollar Index DXY video analysis and forecast for August 2020.

Dollar Index DXY price action analysis using supply and demand strategy

This is the kind of price action technical analysis you will learn in our trading community. You will learn how to locate new supply and demand imbalances and trade without using any indicators, no news, no fundamental analysis, no earnings announcements, no volume or VSA analysis. Just supply and demand imbalances.

Trading supply and demand imbalances is ideal for beginners and those with a full or half time job, you won’t need to stay in front of the computer all day long trying to move price action with your mind. 

As supply and demand traders, we do not need to pay attention to the news, fundamentals or any earnings reports. Once a big timeframe imbalance has gained control, earnings do just the opposite and react strongly to those imbalances. Why is it that you see positive earnings and then the underlying stock drops like a rock, or a negative earnings announcement and the stock rallies like a rocket out of control? You are probably missing the fact that there are big imbalances gaining control.

Unless you are doing very short term trading and scalping, you should not worry about fundamentals or earnings announcements.

You can use these imbalances to plan your trades in lower timeframes. Trading is just waiting for the right trigger points and scenarios to present themselves, this game has got a name and it’s called the waiting game. We need to patiently wait for the correct scenarios and setups to happen and wait for the price to pull back or dip into the price levels we want to trade, in our case these price levels are made of supply and demand imbalances.

If you want to learn how to trade using our supply and demand trading strategy, join our supply and demand stock trading course.

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