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The investment to be a member is minimal compared to what it can return.
We also have a lifetime membership that includes all plans, learning the strategy, and homework.

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Cryptos & Forex

35/ per month

€294 yearly (30% off)
Read Only Mode

  • Read daily market updates for Cryptos and Forex.
  • Hot trading ideas.
    Laser-beam accurate entries.

  • Swing and long-term buy and hold trading opportunities.
  • Plan your trades days, weeks and even months in advance.
  • Tutorials and How-Tos. Supply and demand basics.

Stocks & ETFs

45/ per month

€378 yearly (30% off)
Read Only Mode

  • Read daily updates for Stocks, ETFs, and Indexes.
  • Hot trading ideas.
    Laser-beam accurate entries.

  • Swing and long-term buy and hold trading opportunities.
  • Plan your trades days, weeks and even months in advance.
  • Curated stocks watchlists.
  • ETFs sector analysis.
  • Tutorials and How-Tos. Supply and demand basics.


65/ per month

€546 yearly (30% off)
Read Only Mode

  • Access to all the trading channels supported in the crypto and stocks memberships.
  • Hot trading ideas for all the supported markets.


295/ per quarter

Learn to trade

  • Supply and demand
    core rules strategy included.
  • Learn to trade any market using supply and demand imbalances.
  • Personalized online training.
  • Homework and assignments.
  • Progress at your own pace. Create the right mindset.
  • Get tested on exams.
  • Allow for at least 9-12 months to learn.

We also have a lifetime membership that includes all plans and core rules strategy.

Not included in the Cryptos, Stocks and Full Plans:

  • Intraday and short-term timeframes. We do not use timeframes lower than H4 (four hours). Our trading opportunities are usually located on daily and weekly timeframes, also on H4. You don't need to stay in front of the computer many hours a day to make money.
  • Course or learning material in Cryptos and Stocks plans. The Crypto, Stocks and Full plan are only for readers. There is no education except a basic introduction on supply and demand concepts and how to plan the trades that you will find in the trading channels. If you want to learn how to trade supply and demand, join our quarterly coaching program.
  • Support and feedback on your trading. There is neither support nor assistance in the Crypto, Stocks and Full plan. These plans are read-only and do not offer any kind of coaching or learning.
  • The monthly fee does not include the supply and demand core strategy rules.
  • If you have any doubts about these membership plans, contact us and speak to a real person, we will be glad to help.

    Frequent Questions & Answers

    1What payment methods are accepted?
    Major credit/debit cards, and PayPal are accepted in a secure checkout, providing instant access to the community.
    2Can I pay the membership with cryptos?
    Yes, you can pay with your cryptos. The payment will be sent to the company's crypto wallet. Only yearly plans are supported with crypto payments since there is no automation.
    3Is there any support? Can I ask questions about trading ideas or doubts?
    Support and questions are only supported in the coaching program. The supply and demand strategy core rules are only shared with those that want to learn how to trade, not with read-only mode memberships.
    4Can I cancel or change my account at any time?
    Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into the system or contacting us by email.
    5Is the full trading course included in all memberships?
    No. Only the coaching plan will give you access to the supply and demand trading strategy and core rules. You will need more than 9 months to complete the coaching program. The rules will be dripped to you as you progress, as in a real school.
    6I am looking for a live room on a daily basis, is this service offered?
    No. New analyses are added every day and week. We do NOT need a chat room or a live room to share our analyses. There is life out there besides trading. We must treat trading as a business and not as a game or a place to chat with our buddies.
    7Is there a trial account? Are there refunds?
    No, there are no trial accounts. Our supply and demand analysis is top-notch. If our basic memberships are a burden for you, you should stay away.
    8Can I learn how to trade in a few weeks?
    You can't. Don't expect to learn how to trade in a few weeks. Our brains have limitations, but our ego does not have any of those limitations. You need to practice a lot, create habits, change your mindset, repeat the same processes and patterns repeatedly before your brain creates habits and rules that become second nature. Moreover, you need to beat your ego and fears. That does NOT happen in a few weeks or months. Can you become a lawyer by only studying for 3-6 months at the university? Can you speak a new language in a few weeks? No, you can't. Don't expect to become a trader overnight. Please, be realistic!
    9Are intraday and scalping trade ideas discussed?
    No, intraday and scalping are not supported. We do not need the smaller timeframes to make money. That does not mean that you can use our analyses to plan trades in smaller timeframes.
    10Do I need a specific trading platform to trade supply and demand?
    No,. The trading platform is irrelevant. You can use Interactive Brokers, Metatrader, Binance, Trading View, e-Trade, Trade Station, Think or Swim, Schwab, Fidelity or any other. The strategy does not need any indicators. It just needs your trading platform to draw trendlines and rectangles.
    11Can Set and Forget or any of its members invest your money?
    No. Set and Forget does not invest anyone's money. You are the sole responsible for trading your own money. You must make your own trading decisions following your trading plan. We encourage you not to trust anyone with the decision to invest your money. Most likely, you will end up losing it.
    12What about fundamental analysis?
    As supply and demand traders, we do not need to pay attention to fundamentals or TV spokesmen or “research” papers from brokers and the like. Our coaching and trading techniques assume that your primary interest is in using supply and demand and the charts to make your trading decisions.
    13What is Set and Forget's refund policy?
    All sales are final. Recurring subscriptions are charged in advance every month and provide membership benefits for the next period. Once a charge has been processed, there are NO REFUNDS. You can cancel at any time, and your existing membership benefits will continue until the next month.
    14What markets are supported?
    We trade all markets. Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Futures and Indexes.
    15What does reader-mode only mean?
    The reader mode membership only allows you to read the analysis and hotlists and watch video analyses. You will not be able to ask any questions or doubts about the entries. Only members that enrol in the coaching program can ask questions and benefit from personal coaching and support.
    16Do I need to know what DeFi or Staking is to make money with cryptos?
    You can follow whoever you want on Twitter or Youtube. You don't need to do that anymore if you are trading the imbalances. Of course, you will learn about new ICO opportunities on social media to take advantage of if you are an investor and want to be the first one buying a new project. We don't do that.
    17What is the win rate of our supply and demand strategy?
    What is the win rate of our supply and demand strategy? The strategy is NOT a robot or an algorithm. Last time we checked, human beings don't possess artificial intelligence or can execute a trading plan like a robot, emotionless. The win-loss ratio depends on how well the human behind it executes the trading plan, controls his emotions. Most traders will fail to just do that. If we tell you that the win rate is 60%, 70%, 50%, it just doesn't really matter because you will never be able to replicate it since you are not a robot; you are a conscious human being. The coaching program will help you achieve an excellent win-loss ratio above 50%. However, reading the rules is one thing; another thing is understanding them and applying them in the real market, which is why you need to put in your learning. You will probably not like the answer, but it's a fact that we cannot change. Anyone telling you the opposite will be lying to you and will only want your money.