Intel stock price forecast 2020

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To many investors’ surprise, Intel stock has been beaten up badly in the past months. However, not too many traders will know why Intel stock cannot drop below the $42 price level. Many short-term and intraday day traders will think of potential short scenarios now that the momentum has “turned” against the company.

The momentum has turned against Intel stock? Well, if you think the momentum has turned against is because you are probably looking the smaller timeframes and you are only seen noise and chaos without any apparent direction. Directional trading on stocks is critical. If price action analysis and supply and demand are added as tools in your trading arsenal, you will see things in the stock market that have always been there but you were unaware of.

Intel stock price today

Although everything looks good for the company, as a dividend growth stock, it wasn’t appealing because of its combination of low dividend yield and relatively low dividend growth rate. That should be taken into account only if you are interested in buying shares of stock that provide a high dividend yield. Intel stock is one of those stocks to own because we like it or not, their processors are in most desktop PCs and Apple Mac.

What is a good price for Intel INTC? The imbalance created back in 2018 has been holding several pullbacks and it seems that Intel stock is about to rally again from that same price level and imbalance.

Find below a supply and demand stock analysis for Intel stock (NASDAQ:INTC). The attached chart is the monthly timeframe. The imbalance at $45.97 has been holding the stock price for a few years. Going short against it is suicidal. Only buying shares of Intel stock is possible. Only longs are possible now. Buying shares of Intel stock is possible now so if you are a stock trader, this is a good one to go.

Intel stock price forecast 2020
Intel stock price forecast 2020

Intel stock video analysis

You can use these imbalances to plan your trades in lower timeframes. Trading is just waiting for the right trigger points and scenarios to present themselves. This game has got a name and it’s called the waiting game. We need to patiently wait for the correct scenarios and setups to happen. And wait for price to pull back or dip into the price levels we want to trade, in our case. These price levels are made of supply and demand imbalances.

If you want to learn how to trade using our supply and demand trading strategy, join our supply and demand stock trading course.

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