Our Supply and Demand eBook is being rewritten

This eBook will show you the basics on how to trade the financial markets with Set and Forget!
Supply and Demand trading can be quite overwhelming, like any other trading strategy. The goal in this introductory eBook will be to give you an overall view of the methods we are using to trade any market and asset, that will hopefully open your eyes to trading supply and demand imbalances. This methodology can be used to trade all markets, including Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Forex and ETFs.

Learning how to trade is not easy and will never be easy. Nothing worthwhile will ever be.

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This eBook is designed to help you become familiar with the basic supply and demand concepts. Understanding how these imbalances work is paramount to becoming a more effective trader. Like any tools, one must learn how to use, locate and grade the quality of these imbalances. A power saw has many advantages over a handsaw for cutting wood. However, if you don’t learn how to use a power saw, you can cut your fingers off.

Similarly, those without an understanding of how supply and demand rule the markets and our lives can put themselves at risk. For the most part, brokers are right in advising their clients to stay away from trading stocks and Forex. They know most will want to grab hold of the “saw” without learning how to use it.

The rules that will be laid out in this basic introductory eBook are based strictly on supply and demand and can be applied to Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Futures, Indexes and cryptocurrencies, any market really. Nothing else is needed. This introductory eBook will give you a basic understanding of how supply and demand imbalances work.

  • No lagging indicators and oscillators
  • No volume analysis or VSA
  • No overbought / oversold indicators
  • No news events taken into account
  • No earnings announcements